Feniks - Reconstructing Flanders Fields
The Great War had a devastating effect on many towns and cities. Flanders Fields, in particular, had been reduced to a moonscape.

Feniks: Reconstructing Flanders Fields tells a story of human resilience. Unique photographs from Ieper brothers Maurice and Robert Antony bear witness to the recovery of ruined cities and ghost towns. Visitors and inhabitants, on the other hand, also had their own individual and subjective stories to tell. The feeling of joy at the recovery of a house on a piece of land was often counterbalanced by suffering as the danger of unexploded ammunition lurked around every corner. The recovery was mostly the result of the drive and entrepreneurship of the local population.

Location: In Flanders Fields Museum Ieper
More info: www.inflandersfields.be
When: from 07/03/2020, 00:00
to 15/11/2020, 00:00
Where: Ieper