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Freddy Cade, born on 19 September 1884, grew up in Leeds (West Yorkshire) among five brothers and sisters. He had a good job as builder-bricklayer for heating units and boilers and he was often working away from home in the north-east of England. He married Jane Anne Potter on 16 December 1912 and had two sons: Frederick, born in 1913 and Jimmy, born in 1916. Jimmy was killed in action at El Alamein in 1942. At this moment we are partly ignorant about his military career. The only thing we are sure of is that he was killed in action as a member of the lst/9th King's (Liverpool Regiment). At the beginning of the war, he wanted to join the Pigeon Corps (Royal Engineers) - breeding pigeons was Freddy's interest - but his wife Jane would not allow him! After a second try, he joined the army and was engaged as private and finally arrived in the 1st/9th battalion of the King's (Liverpool Regiment). The time of his arrival on the continent as well as the battles he took part in are unknown at the moment. He must have gone over the top in the battle of Pilkem Ridge and also in the battle of the Menin Road. A second fact we are sure of is that he was killed in action on 22 September 1917, together with 35 other friends on the very day his unit was relieved. He was 33 years old. The entry in the regimental diary of the 10th King's, fighting together with the lst/9th King's for 22 September 1917 says: 'It is a quiet day. " He was buried in a small cemetery near Iberian Farm before being moved to Tyne Cot Cemetery.
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