Hundreds of memorials and monuments are scattered all over the Westhoek. About every village or residential area has one or more. It is not simple to categorize these memorials, and they often fit into several categories. For the categorization of memorials in this database we have opted for :

A first large group : where the initiative was
  • the municipality (town, village)
  • the parish

A second group of memorials : based on the group for which the memorial was erected.
  • a division
  • a regiment
  • a battalion
  • a company
  • an army commander with his unit
  • an individual

The ‘General memorials’ are memorials that usually cannot be categorized elsewhere.

Other memorials were erected
  • for a specific historic event
  • for a specific location

Other memorials belong to a specific series
  • Demarcation stones
  • Albertina Memorials 1914-1918
  • Bastiaanplaques

Some memorials were placed outside the traditional military cemeteries.

Finally there are memorials referring to a nation in general.

Title Town Suburb Detail
Memorials of the Australian soldiers in Zonnebeke Zonnebeke Zonnebeke
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