Above Ypres - The German Air Force in Flanders 1914-18
Bernard Deneckere
Above Ypres - The German Air Force in Flanders 1914-18
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The battles that were waged in Flanders during the First World War were some of the most costly of the war. All sides paid a very high price for what only ever amounted to temporary control of the area.  The names of these Belgian battle elds have all since passed into history and places such as Hill 60, Messines, Yser, Mount Kemmel, Passchendaele and Ypres conjure up typical visions of stagnated trench warfare and all the misery that went with it.

One thing that has never been in doubt is the courage and valour that was displayed on these battlefields, not only by the men on the ground, but also by the airmen who waged their own battles above the sodden Fields of Flanders.  This book relates the five years of fierce battle in the air above the Ypres Salient. Written from a German standpoint, this book gives a detailed account of the growing airpower of the German Air Service and the Naval Air Arm, focusing on the units, planes, air elds, tactics and major battles.

Much of the information in this book, along with many of the photographs, has never been published before, making this title the definitive publication on the air war over Flanders’  Fields.

Bernard Deneckere lives in the Flemish half of Belgium, with his wife Claudine. He works as a teacher at schools in Wervik and Kortemark and has a Master’s degree in History from the University of Louvain. For more than twenty years he has studied the aerial war above Flanders during the First World War, visiting archives and museums in Belgium, France, England and Germany.

This is Bernard’s fourth book focusing on the war in the air between 1914 and 1918. Bernard is one of the first foreign members of the German Interessengemeinschaft Luftfahrt 1900-1920 (A group interested in early aviation).

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Published 19/01/2014.
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