The Kemmel Sector
Paul Foster
The Kemmel Sector
by Paul Foster, FRSA
With ‘The American Contribution in the Kemmel Sector’ by Chris Sims

265 inspiring stories of soldiers who died during The First World War and are buried in Godezonne Farm Cemetery, Kemmel Château Military Cemetery, Kemmel Churchyard, Kemmel No French Cemetery, Klein-Vierstraat Britis Cemetery, La Clytte Military Cemetery, La Laiterie Military Cemetery, Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery and Suffolk Cemetery.

440 A4 pages containing the stories of the soldiers that are profusely illustrated with contemporary pictures, signatures, photographs, drawings and maps (many in colour). Two contemporary stories of Pilgrimages made to the Kemmel area in 1920 and 1931 are included that are particularly moving.

You can follow the soldier, be they an officer or private, from their family home, through training to arrival at the battlefront, their service at the front until their death. The cameos cover soldiers from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as cameos of soldiers from Australia and Canada.

The Kemmel sector saw important and significant actions throughout the war from 1914 to 1918. An interesting introduction to the contribution of the Americans in The Kemmel Sector has been written by author and American expert, Chris Sims, including some cameos on the American soldiers who died.

I have written a tour that takes you around the front lines and visit the cemeteries covered in the book.

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