You not shoot, we not shoot: The Christmas Truce
Marijn Sillis
You not shoot, we not shoot: The Christmas Truce
The gripping story of the 'small peace' in a Great War

After still fighting and killing each other a day earlier, and without their superiors being aware, German and English soldiers decided to forget the madness of war on Christmas Day 1914. Against surrealistic scenery, the dead were buried, cigars and chocolate exchanged and ... they played football together.

A hundred years later, the Christmas truce of 1914 continues to intrigue and the 'match of the trenches' has grown into the symbol of humanity in an inhuman war.

Author Marijn Sillis ist freiberuflicher Journalist. Er interessiert sich leidenschaftlich für Themen, bei denen der menschliche Aspekt im Vordergrund steht und machte in der Vergangenheit Reportagen für unter anderem Gazet van Antwerpen, De Morgen, MO*, De Redactie und Apache.

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Published on 22/10/2015.
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