Belgian military cemetery Keiem
  • De toegang tot de Belgische militaire begraafplaats in Keiem.
Practical info
Keiemdorpstraat 143 A, on the other side of 'Verpakkingen Willaert'
Keiem, Diksmuide
GPS-Reference R5379 - Belgische militaire begraafplaats Keiem
DMSX N 51°05'09.7'' - E002°53'04.3''
DMX N 51°05.162' - E002°53.072'
D N 51.086028° - E002.884528°
UTM 31U E 491912 N 5659397
GOOGLE EARTH 51 05.162 N, 002 53.072 E
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On this cemetery, there are 628 graves, of which more than half are unknown. Many of these soldiers died in the battle on 19 October 1914 during the Belgian withdrawal towards the river IJzer. The brigde was blown up on 19 October 1914. However, the Germans succeeded to reach the other side of the river during the nigth of 21 to 22 October.

The cemetery was constructed after the Great War.
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