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Private JOHN WILLIAM WILLSON 5th Battalion, A.P.W.O. Yorkshire Regiment Age 31 Died on Sunday, 25th April 1915 at St Julien, near Ypres First son of John Henry and Eliza Willson, 18 St Johns Walk, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, Engeland. Menin Gate Memorial Panel 33 St. Julien, 25th April 1915 Smudger Smith went yesterday. Nobby Clark we lost this morning. It seemed the right thing to do when we were supping ale at the Green Dragon Friends as kids, now we were men. Ready to answer the call. But why didn't they tell us ? Dusty Rhodes got his last Friday, Chippy Woods stopped one next day. Sunday there was a lull. We saw a skylark, but couldn't hear it … our heads were full of German thunder. Why didn't they tell us ? Blinker Hall took a Blighty He could've been smiling. We couldn't see his eyes in that wasted face. Coxy Taylor was shot. Lack Of Moral Fibre, they said. He wasn't a coward, his mind had gone … He couldn't go over the top any more. Wy didn't they tell us ? There's only me left of the Bridlington gang : Private John William Willson. I'd just reached the wire, When I copped mine … I'm just resting here. Where my legs were hurts, the trees are blurred and red. All I hear are cannons, screams, and skittering rats. Why didn't they tell us they sent us to die ? WHY ?
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