Joseph Pownall


On a visit to Talbot House at the end of August I got talking to the good ladies in the tea room. I mentioned the fact that I believed my grandfather was wounded in the area and sent back to England. Unfortunately I couldn't be sure because his service record was no longer available.

They suggested I contact you as they said that most of the wounded came through Talbot House and were recorded.
My grandfather was Joseph Pownall 12385 of the 7th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
Great War Research speculate that he may have been wounded at Messines, Hollebeke or Ypres in 1917.
Grandfather married my grandmother in late December 1917, they had met whilst he was convalescing at Summerdown Camp, Eastbourne, England.

I realise it is probably unlikely but if you could fill in any details I would be most appreciative, my grandfather never spoke of his time in the trenches, none of his children know anything about it and unfortunately I have come to research the family too late to ask him.

Many thanks

Stephen Uzzell

Talbot House  -  21.10.2009


Dear Stephen,
I can't add much to what you know, it seems -
except a list (attached) of 7th Bn LNLR burials in the area.

It can be seen from it that the Bn (and so, your granddad) indeed was in the Ypres area at several times & places:

they were strongly involved indeed in the Battle of Messines (7 June 1917 onwards), and in the first days of the 3rd Battle of Ypres (31 July 1917 onwards).

The list shows a couple of true battlefield cemeteries (e.g. Croonaert Chapel) as well as the ever-important Hospital Cemetery in Poperinge (i.e. Lijssenthoek).

I hope this list may open up additional opportunities for your personal research...

If ever you're research would end up with names / graves that are found on the Cemetery of Lijssenthoek, we would be very glad to learn more about your findings - so please get in touch then!

Always welcome for further help,
Kind regards from all at TH