Gun emplacement Oostpoezelstraat
Practical info
It is at 1.6 km (1 mile) northeast of Steenstrate, a few dozen meters west of the Lobeek (which is the boundary there between Zuidschote and Bikschote). It can be seen from the Oostpoezelstraat, 150 m (160 yds.) from the road, behind a field. It can also be seen from the main road (Ypres – Diksmuide), at a distance of 370 m (400 yds.)
Zuidschote, Ieper
GPS-Reference R6282 - ZUIDSCHOTE - Geschutspost Oostpoezelstraat
DMSX N 50°56'00.7'' - E002°51'01.9''
DMX N 50°56.012' - E002°51.031'
D N 50.933539° - E002.850523°
UTM 31U E 489496 N 5642444
GOOGLE EARTH 50 56.012 N, 002 51.031 E
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The largest bunker in Boezinge-Zuidschote (Zuidschote became part of Boezinge in 1971) is the Ziegler bunker, in the Slaaktestraat. 2.5 km (1.5 miles) northwest of it is another bunker. It is not as large (about 1/3 of the length of the Ziegler bunker), but large enough so as not to have been demolished so far, and is located behind a farm in the Oostpoezelstraat 8 (owned by Mr. Frans Heughebaert).

This German construction (entirely above ground) made of reinforced concrete is 3 m (10 feet) tall, 7.70 m (25 1/4 feet) long, and 5.30 m (17 1/2 feet) wide. The walls are approx. 1 m (3 1/4 feet) thick, but the west side (towards the enemy) is 1.50 (5 feet) thick. The large loophole (embrasure), towards the south, has been closed for the larger part with modern concrete blocks now, but its slanting sides and the contours are still clearly visible. The original width is 2.50 m (over 8 feet) on the inside, and 3.50 m (11 1/2 feet) on the outside.

The entrance (east side) is 1.80 m (6 feet) high and 2.20 m (7 1/4 feet) wide. This construction is a German gun emplacement, being large enough, also the entrance, for a piece of artillery to be wheeled in. According to the farm owner there used to be 5 or 6 other bunkers in the vicinity, which were demolished however shortly after World War I. Not so for this bunker, as it was to close to the farm buildings to be blown up. During World War II, in May 1940, the construction was used as a shelter by civilians, and was later requisitioned by the Germans.

Info: Aurel Sercu
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