Nieuwkerke Churchyard
  • Het plan van de Britse begraafplaats Nieuwkerke Churchyard.
  • 1 French and 3 Belgian graves (WWII)
Practical info
Nieuwkerke Churchyard is located 12 kilometres south of Ieper town centre, on a road leading from the Kemmelseweg (N331) which connects Ieper to Kemmel and onto Nieuwkerke. From Ieper town centre the Kemmelseweg is reached via the Rijselsestraat, through the Lille Gate (Rijselpoort) and straight on towards Armentieres (N336). 900 metres after the crossroads is the right hand turning onto the Kemmelseweg (made prominent by a railway level crossing). After passing the village of Kemmel the N331 continues for 4 kilometres towards Nieuwkerke. On reaching Nieuwkerke the first right hand turning leads onto Kemmelstraat. The churchyard is located 80 metres along the Kemmelstraat on the left hand side of the road and facing the Market Place.
Nieuwkerke, Heuvelland
GPS-Reference R5455 - Nieuwkerke Churchyard
DMSX N 50°44'45.1'' - E002°49'33.5''
DMX N 50°44.751' - E002°49.558'
D N 50.745851° - E002.825974°
UTM 31U E 487722 N 5621577
GOOGLE EARTH 50 44.751 N, 002 49.558 E
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Nieuwkerke (also known as Neuve-Eglise) was in German hands from the 14th April, 1918, after a stubborn defence by the 49th (West Riding) and 33rd Division, until it was recaptured by the 36th (Ulster) Division on the following 2nd September. The Church, destroyed in the War has been rebuilt. The Churchyard was used by the Field Ambulances or fighting units at intervals during the war, particularly (in early days) by the Cavalry and the 5th Division.

There are now nearly 100, 1914-18 and over 10, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site.

Burials (Commonwealth War Graves Commission):
  • United Kingdom: 76 (+ 11 WW II)
  • Canada: 1
  • Australia: 10
  • New Zealand: 5
  • Undivided India: 1
  • Total Commonwealth: 93 (+ 11 WW II)
  • Other Nationalities: (4 WW II)
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