Commemorating the first gas attack - Zuidschote - 24/04/2022
Please find below some pictures of the 107th anniversary of the first gas attack on 22 April 1915.

The ceremony on Sunday 24 April 2022 started with a service in the church of Zuidschote. Afterwards flowers were laid at the different monuments at Zuidschote and Steenstraete.

The monument of Zuidschote commemorating the military and civilian victims of the Great War.

The small cemetery around the church also contains a number of French and Commonwealth soldiers.

Flowers were laid on behalf of the city of Ieper by aldermen Despeghel and Desmadryl. 

And by the Souvenir Français at the graves of the French soldiers.

The Last Post.

The national anthems of Belgium, France and the United Kingdom were also played.

And then the parade could start towards the other monuments. 

The school children also participated in the event.

The small hamlet of Lizerne.

A beautiful collection of trench art. 

The memorial plaque for the Karabiniers in the General Lotzstreet. 

An extensive flower tribute.

The Last Post and the Belgian national anthem.

And then the parade marched on towards the monument for the grenadiers and the cross of reconciliation at Steenstraete.

At Lizerne you can also find a demarcation stone. 

Please find below some extra pictures of the tribute at the other monuments.

Tribute at the obelisk for the regiment of the Grenadiers and the gasattack of 22 April 1915.

Afterwards a flower tribute took place at the memorial for the victims of the 3rd regiment during the gasattack of 1915.

And finally an extensive flower tribute at the cross of reconciliation, the monument for the French victims of the gas attack of 1915.

The parade then marched back to the village of Zuidschote.

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