Date News Town Detail
09.01.2018 Last Post Ieper
28.12.2017 Last Post Ieper
17.12.2017 Last Post Ieper
07.12.2017 Reburial Service for 8 French soldiers at Saint-Charles de Potyze Ieper
04.12.2017 Last Post Ieper
03.12.2017 Last Post Ieper
28.11.2017 Departure of the Lions of the Menin Gate Ieper
21.11.2017 Last Post Ieper
13.11.2017 Last Post Ieper
12.11.2017 Ceremony at the Indian monument Ieper
11.11.2017 Concert The Great War Remembered Ieper
11.11.2017 Commemorative ceremony at Hill 62 Canadian Memorial Ieper
11.11.2017 Princess Anne visited Bedford House Cemetery Ieper
11.11.2017 November 11 Celebration at Saint-Charles de Potyze Ieper
10.11.2017 Last Post Ieper
10.11.2017 Ceremony at the Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae Memorial Ieper
08.11.2017 Canadian commemoration of the 3rd Battle of Ieper Ieper
08.11.2017 Last Post Ieper
08.11.2017 Tribute to Major & Mrs Holt Ieper
07.11.2017 Last Post Ieper