Bus House Cemetery
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Practical info
Bus House Cemetery is located 4 km south of Ieper town centre, on the Sint-Elooisweg, a road leading from the Rijselseweg (The road to Armentieres N365). From Ieper town centre the Rijselsestraat runs from the market square, through the Lille Gate (Rijselpoort) and directly over the crossroads with the Ieper ring road. The road name then changes to the Rijselseweg. 4 km along the Rijselseweg, the road forks and branching immediately from the right hand fork is the Sint-Elooisweg (In effect two immediate right hand turnings). The cemetery lies 500 metres along the Sint-Elooisweg on the left hand side of the road towards Voormezele
Voormezele, Ieper
Ground - aerial
GPS-Reference R5659 - Bus House Cemetery
DMSX N 50°48'46.1'' - E002°53'13.3''
DMX N 50°48.769' - E002°53.222'
D N 50.812815° - E002.887026°
UTM 31U E 492040 N 5629015
GOOGLE EARTH 50 48.769 N, 002 53.222 E
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The cemetery stands behind a farm-house, called "Bus House" during the War. It was made in June-November, 1917; one grave of January, 1915, was brought in during the War, and four were added in April, 1918. A number of British soldiers were killed in 1940 during the battle on the Ypres-Comines canal. All were originally buried where they fell, but in 1941 they were exhumed from the graves scattered throughout the commune, and re-buried in this cemetery. There are now over 200, 1914-18 and nearly 80, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, 12 from the 1914-18 war are unidentified and special memorials are erected to two soldiers from the United Kingdom, known to be buried among them. From the 1939-45 War, nearly 10 are unidentified. The cemetery covers an area of 1,558 square metres and is enclosed by a brick wall.

Burials (Commonwealth War Graves Commission):
  • United Kingdom: 192 (+ 79 WW II)
  • Canada: 2
  • Australia: 10
  • New Zealand: 1
  • Other Commonwealth: 1
  • Total Commonwealth: 206 (+ 79 WW II)
  • Other Nationalities: 2 WW II
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