On the website - The Great War in Flanders Fields - you can download the data for the most common used navigation systems or programs (TomTom, Garmin, Maptech, GPS eXchange, OziExplorer, Google Earth). With this, you have all the data necessary to quickly and easily navigate towards all cemeteries, monuments, sites, memorials, museums, ... with regard to the Great War in Flanders Fields.

Coordinates are available for the following formats:
  • TomTom overlays (*.ov2)
  • Maptech Marks files (*.mxf)
  • Garmin Database files (*.gdb)
  • GPS eXchange files (*.gpx)
  • OziExplorer Waypoint files (*.wpt)
  • Google Earth Points files (*.kml)

User conditions:

  • The website is an initiative of and is managed by Westhoek VZW.
  • The GPS-files can only be used for private use.
    Any commercial, educational or other purposes need to have the written agreement in advance from Westhoek VZW.
  • The contents of the files remain the property of Westhoek VZW.
  • Westhoek VZW took great care in the logging of the coordinates. Westhoek VZW can never be held responsible for errors in the coordinates.
  • Westhoek VZW does not give support in downloading and installing the files on your navigation system.
  • Westhoek VZW cannot be held responsible for any damage or malfunctioning of your navigation system.
  • Webmasters: The GPS-files may can only be made downloadable from the It is not allowed to store the files for download on servers or websites.
  • Any referring to the downloadpage has to be:
  • The confirmation form needs to be filled in in a correct way. If not so, this will be seen as an infringement of the user conditions.
  • Westhoek VZW will keep the information submitted through the forms and engages itself not the transmit these data to third parties.
  • All infringements of the above-mentioned user conditons will be passed systematically to the counsellor of Westhoek VZW. He will proceed to claim damages. Apart from that the Westhoek VZW counsellor will take the necessary steps for legal action against the person / persons, the company / companies or organisation(s) who do not observe the above user conditions.

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