Commemorating the arrival of the first American soldiers on Belgian territory - Watou - 04/07/2021
After their entry in the Great War in 1917, the American troops shipped to Europe. The 30th Infantery Division arrived in Europe on 26 May 1918 in northern France. They were regrouped with the Second British Army. On the 4th of July 1918, they marched from Houtkerque to Watou and took their positions on the EAST POPERINGHE LINE.

At the end of the war more than 2 millions Amercian soldiers had arrived in Europe. Their support was essential in the final allied victory.

On the 4th July 2021, the American Legion did the same walk from Houtkerque to Watou. The start of the walk took place in Houtkerque (France). A delegation of the Poperinge town authorities and the Koninklijke Heemkring Aan de Schreve waited in Watou for their arrival.

Please find below some pictures of this walk:

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