Ceremony at the American monument - Kemmel - 27/05/2022
On Friday 27 May 2022, a short ceremony took place at the American monument at Kemmel. This ceremony commemorated the American soldiers of the 27th and 30th Divisions who died liberating the area surrounding Kemmel during the First World War. The Americans were active in the Kemmel area from 16 August to 4 September 1918.

Short address on the histroy of the monument. 

Floral tribute.

Taps / Last Post

The poem 'In Flanders Fields', followed by a moment of silence.

And finally the national anthems of Belgium and the United States.

The ceremony was organised by the American Overseas Memorial Day Association Belgium. Since 1923 their mission is to perpetuate the remembrance of the members of the American armed forces who died in the defense of freedom and who are buried in Belgium. The organise and conduct Memorial Day ceremonies at the three American cemeteries in Belgium. They commemorate and preserve the graves of the American servicemen buried in isolated graves outside of these cemeteries. They engage in youth outreach and other projects and activities to perpetuate remembrance. 

Please visit the website: https://aomda.org
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