Commemoration of the Zoauves (Cemetery) - Koksijde - 06/06/2022
On Whit Monday, June 6, 2022, Koksijde commemorated the nearly 8,000 French Zouaves who died in the Westhoek during World War I. There are no more former veterans. Today they are represented by patriotic associations and veterans of the Second World War.

Walcourt's second regiment of Zouaves graced the commemoration. At 10 am there was a flower tribute at the French cemetery in Koksijde-Dorp and at 11 am a flower tribute and speech at the Zoeaven monument (Koksijde-Bad). The procession with the Koninklijke Gemeentelijke Harmonie van Koksijde followed at 11.30 am. Start at the Zoeaven Monument, then via the Zeedijk to the town hall in the Zeelaan, where the parade took place.

Below are some photos of the commemoration at Koksijde cemetery.

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