Memorial Day Ceremony for PVT Adolf Vercruysse - Houthulst - 24/05/2024
On Friday morning, 24 May 2024, there was a small ceremony for PVT Adolf Vercruysse of the 318th Field Remount Squadron. He was born in Belgium and emigrated to America. He returned to Europe to fight and died in WW1. His brother fought in the same war and is buried on the other side of St John Baptist Church in Houthulst (with the veterans).

The programme was as follows:
  • welcome
  • the story of Adolf Vercruysse
  • placing of the National Flags
  • laying of wreaths
  • excerpt from Ronald Reagan's Speech on 21 November 1988
  • Taps
  • moment of silence
  • national anthems
  • children received a pin from General Flynn.

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