Date News Town Detail
25.04.2019 Anzac Day at Tyne Cot Cemetery Passendale
25.04.2019 8-metre-tall carved Māori monument unveiled Zonnebeke
25.04.2019 Maori Pou Maumahara Monument innaugurated (FM) Zonnebeke
25.04.2019 Dawn service on Anzac Day Zonnebeke
16.04.2019 8-metre-tall carved Māori monument in place in Zonnebeke Zonnebeke
11.11.2018 Commemoration by the Tank Memorial Ypres Salient Passendale
11.11.2018 Commemoration at Tyne Cot Cemetery on 11/11/2018 at 11.00 AM Passendale
11.11.2018 Piper played at Tyne Cot Cemetery Passendale
10.11.2018 Passchendaele Ceremony with candles (D. Vangheluwe) Passendale
10.11.2018 Passchendaele Ceremony with candles Passendale
06.11.2018 Funeral Service for 2 Unknown Soldiers of the 1st Australian Imperial Force and 1 Unknown Soldier of The Lancashire Fusiliers Zonnebeke
06.11.2018 Reburial 3 WW1 soldiers Tyne Cot Cemetery (Frank Mahieu) Passendale
12.10.2018 New Zealand's blackest day commemorated (Frank Mahieu) Zonnebeke
04.10.2018 New Zealand service 's Graventafel, Passendale (Frank Mahieu) Passendale
30.09.2018 Museumweekend MMP1917 Zonnebeke
28.09.2018 Belgische Eeuwherdenking Passendale 1918 / Belgian Centenary Passendale (Frank Mahieu) Passendale
19.08.2018 Commemoration at the Scottish monument on Frezenberg Ridge Zonnebeke
04.07.2018 A Burial Service for An Unknown Soldier of the Great War Zonnebeke
25.04.2018 Anzac Day: Dawn service and Tyne Cot Cemetery Zonnebeke
18.04.2018 Exhibitions commemorate the final year of the Great War Zonnebeke