Commemoration Household Cavalry - Zandvoorde - 04/05/2024
The Household Cavalry came to Zandvoorde (Zonnebeke) and Ypres during the weekend of 4 and 5 May 2024. This to mark the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of the memorial column for the Royal Household Cavalry in Zandvoorde. They also held a short tattoo on the Ypres market square, attended the Last Post and particpated in the service in the Ypres Cathedral on Sunday morning.

The Household Cavalry, known worldwide as the Guards on horseback, were elite units within the British army in which many men were of noble birth. Within the British cavalry, the Household Cavalry was the most highly regarded. They were deployed on the Zandvoorde Ridge in October 1914. On 30 October 1914, the Germans captured the village of Zandvoorde. Some 120 men of the Household Cavalry were killed or went missing. Many famous British nobles died, including Lord Worsley. On the site of his original grave, the Household Cavalry memorial was erected and unveiled by Field Marshal Haig on 4 May 1924. Lord Worsley is now buried at Ypres Town Cemetery Extension. Lord Astor of Hever, grandson of Field Marshal Haig, is the driving force behind the Household Cavalry’s visit to Zandvoorde and Ypres.

The ceremony in Zandvoorde took place on Saturday 4 May 2024 at 3pm. 

Please find below a number of pictures of this commemoration.

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