Installation clay figurines CWRM - Zillebeke - 07/02/2018
Over the 2014-2018 period, together with a lot of participants in the workshops, GoneWest made 600,000 clay figurines: one figurine for every war victim fallen on Belgian soil. All 600,000 figurines, together with two larger works by Koen Vanmechelen, will eventually make up the land art installation CWRM on former no man’s land near the frontline in the Palingbeek near Ypres. The installation is currentlt been build. Please find below some pictures.

MM7A8186 [1600x1200]

MM7A8187 [1600x1200]

MM7A8187_1 [1600x1200]

MM7A8188 [1600x1200]

MM7A8189 [1600x1200]

MM7A8190 [1600x1200]

MM7A8191 [1600x1200]

MM7A8192 [1600x1200]

MM7A8193 [1600x1200]

MM7A8194 [1600x1200]

MM7A8195 [1600x1200]

MM7A8197 [1600x1200]

MM7A8198 [1600x1200]

MM7A8200 [1600x1200]

MM7A8201 [1600x1200]

MM7A8203 [1600x1200]

MM7A8204 [1600x1200]

MM7A8205 [1600x1200]

MM7A8206 [1600x1200]

MM7A8207 [1600x1200]

MM7A8209 [1600x1200]

MM7A8209_1 [1600x1200]

MM7A8210 [1600x1200]

MM7A8211 [1600x1200]

MM7A8213 [1600x1200]

MM7A8218 [1600x1200]

MM7A8219 [1600x1200]

MM7A8220 [1600x1200]

MM7A8222 [1600x1200]
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