Works Mud Corner Cemetery - Ploegsteert - 05/02/2021
On the British cemetery Mud Corner Cemetery at Ploegsteert, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission conducts essential works at this moment. The brick walls of the cemetery were in a very bad condition. Bricks corners showed cracks and the foundation was broken in several places. To repair the damage, the site is being restored to the original plan. To preserve its integrity, natural stone and bricks are recovered and reused as much as possible. The works are carried out by CWGC artisans.

Please find below some photos taken in the first week of February 2021 (after a few days of heavy rain).

Due to the heavy rain, working is not possible at this time.

At the back of the photo: view on Prowse Point Cemetery.

These cemeteries are situated nearby in the Ploegsteert Wood and can only be visited on foot.

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