Remembrance VIFF - Ieper - 10/05/2022
In 2017, the Friends of the In Flanders Fields Museum were received in the Town Hall of the City of Cork on the occasion of the Friends trip to Ireland. Five years later, the College of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Ypres received an Irish delegation from the city of Cork.

On this occasion the Friends of the Museum organised a short remembrance at the Irish cross behind the cathedral of Ypres and this for the victims of the Munster Fusiliers, for the victims of the Provincie of Munster and the City of Cork. The remembrance took place in the presence of:
  • Nicky Carroll, senior administrative officer Cork City Council
  • Daniel Breen, curator of Cork Public Museum
  • Niamh Twomey, Cork City Heritage Officer 
  • Gerry White, The Western Front Association - Branch Cork
The remembrance took place on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at the Munster War Memorial behind the cathedral in Ieper.

Word of thanks on behalf of the Irish delegation.

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Laying of wreaths by the City of Cork,

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