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Kustweg 2
Nieuwpoort, Nieuwpoort
GPS-Reference R5817 - NIEUWPOORT - Gedenkteken koning Albert I
DMSX N 51°08'09.7'' - E002°45'21.1''
DMX N 51°08.161' - E002°45.352'
D N 51.136017° - E002.755867°
UTM 31U E 482919 N 5664979
GOOGLE EARTH 51 08.161 N, 002 45.352 E
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The Great War is a ubiquitous presence in Nieuwpoort as it was the first town on the western frontline between the North Sea shore and the Franco-Swiss border and remained so for five long years. It was here that trench warfare began which eventually resulted in a maze of 25,000 miles of trenches. Walking its entire length and back could be equalled to walking around the world. Walking around the world, however, is impossible but a war walk through Nieuwpoort tracing dugouts and war monuments might just be the best way of going back in time. And why not start at the very beginning of the historical frontline, on the beach of Nieuwpoort-Bad?

More information: www.westfrontnieuwpoort.be | westfront@nieuwpoort.be
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