Art of Remembrance looking for 600,000 portraits for an international photo project
14/12/2013 - Nieuwpoort - Source: Paul Van Bockstaele
The "Art of Remembrance" is giving people the opportunity to help remember and pay tribute to those who served during World War 1 by asking for personal photos and making them into a collage portraying a recognisable image from World War 1.  We will portray your most intimate experiences, feelings and sentiments in a social context: a collective work of art; without actually exposing them.

With over 6 million people from 32 different countries serving in World War 1, it is a great time in history that should be remembered. In the area of "Flanders Fields" alone no less than 600,000 people died which is why we have chosen this number as the number of portraits to use in our project. You can take part in this unique opportunity initiated by Paul van Bockstaele,  John Vermote and Pedro Decock - all from Flanders Fields area- by sending a picture (or pictures) of yourself or a loved one to us via our website. Recently Paul won a medal in an international photo contests; proving his passion as well as his skill.

All of these photos will be used in multiple collages that will be placed in various places around Flanders Fields. It is our hope that these pictures will become beacons in the landscape; reminding us not only of this battle but of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice; a small gesture that will not only mean so much to yourself but also to the rest of the world. Finding your photo in a landscape of past violence and battle will be a light against violence in this age; reminding us that we must remember the past so that we can embrace the future.

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