Date News Town Detail
03.05.2024 Household Cavalry comes to Zandvoorde and Ypres Zandvoorde
01.03.2024 Lecture: Australia on the Western Front Zonnebeke
31.01.2024 The Passchendaele Museum reopens its doors with two innovations Zonnebeke
23.11.2023 Passchendaele Museum closes 2023 early with more than 100,000 visitors Zonnebeke
15.02.2023 The Passchendaele Museum reopend its doors from 1 February 2023 Zonnebeke
27.01.2022 Passchendaele Museum doors open again from 1 February Zonnebeke
26.03.2020 Cancellation of Anzac Day 2020 services Zonnebeke
26.03.2020 Cancellation Anzac Day commemoration in Zonnebeke Zonnebeke
29.01.2020 Innovations Memorial Musem Passchendaele 1917 focus on experience, refelection and commemoration Zonnebeke
03.04.2019 8-metre-tall carved Māori monument to be unveiled in Zonnebeke Zonnebeke
01.02.2019 Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 ready for the future Zonnebeke
13.11.2018 New Zealand Honours Belgians one hundred years on Zonnebeke
27.06.2018 Burial Ceremony for a Soldier of the Great War Zonnebeke
11.02.2018 New Zealand’s Minister of Defence will visit the WW1 battlefields in Belgium Zonnebeke
01.02.2018 515,000 remembrance tourists in 2017 Zonnebeke
31.10.2017 End of commemoration period 100 years Battle of Passchendaele Zonnebeke
07.09.2017 Symbolic lighting at unique reflection moment Silent City Meets Living City Passendale
16.08.2017 Themed weekend 'The long road to Passchendaele' in sign of Scottish involvement Zonnebeke
06.07.2017 Passchendaele theme weekend with Living History: 29-30/07/2017 Zonnebeke
26.04.2017 Australian Minister for Veterans’ Affairs opened the Australian Memorial Garden in the Passchendaele Memorial Park Zonnebeke