11 November Remembrance TMYS (Frank Mahieu) - Poelkapelle - 11/11/2016
On November 11th, 2016, the Tank Memorial Ypres Salient held some remembrance ceremonies for the tankies who fell in the Ypres Salient in the Great War. The day began with a ceremony at the Tank Memorial at Poelkapelle and Belgian War Memorial. The TMYS then attended the special Last Post at Ypres and, as so many participants did, layd a wreath honouring the fallen. Later that day at Beselare, Plugstreet Memorial and at Tyne Cot Memorial the TMYS payd tribute to the fallen tankies.  

DSCF4021 (2)

The flag with the colours of the Royal Tank Regiment at the Tank Memorial at Poelkapelle.


Chairman Chris Lock places poppy crosses at the Tank Memorial.

DSCF4025 (2)

The TMYS wreath laid at the Tank Memorial Poelkapelle.


TMYS members at the Tank Memorial at Poelkapelle.


After placing a wreath, theTMYS salutes the Belgian fallen at the war memorial at Poelkapelle

DSCF4042 (2)

TMYS wreath and poppy crosses in remembrance of Capt. Robertson en Sgt. Allen (Beselare, Reutel)

DSCF4046 (2)

Milena Kolarikova of the TMYS at the plaque for Capt. Robertson and Sgt. Allen.


Standard bearers enter the Menin Gate for the special Lats Post on November 11th.
TMYS standard beares, 2nd from the left (behind).


The many wreaths of many different delegations and associations from different countries on the morning of Armistice Day at the Menin Gate.


TMYS chairman Chris Lock lays a wreath at Tyne Cot Memorial in honour of the fallen and missing tankies of WW-1


photos: Milena Kolarikova
report : Frank Mahieu