Documentary: Forged in Stone
08/11/2018 - Sint-Juliaan - Source: Spinning Rabbit Productions
On Remembrance Day 2018, Spinning Rabbit Productions in conjunction with True Patriot Love Foundation and former Chief of Defence Staff General (retired) Rick Hillier is pleased to present the documentary Forged In Stone.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One, former Chief of Defence Staff General (retired) Rick Hillier and fellow Canadian veterans Captain (retired) MaryAnn Barber and wounded war vet Corporal (retired) Mark Fuchko visit iconic monuments erected in honour of the sacrifice made by Canadian and allied soldiers during the great war. Monuments such as The Brooding Soldier, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele not only mark moments in the history of World War One where Canadian soldiers stood tall against an enemy, they are guide posts to the rise of Canada's national identity at home and on the world stage.

"World War I, and the almost 700,000 Canadian sons and daughters who served during it, led to the building of this great nation and was the first of several ‘melting pots’ that made us the extraordinary society we are today. One hundred years later, the sacrifice of those men and women continues to resonate in Canada and the nation-building lessons learned then are as important now as they ever were. Our monuments, from Vimy to the National War Memorial, serve as indelible markers on Canada’s journey to nationhood. Canada came of age as a nation both during, and because, of World War I." – General (Retired) Rick Hillier

Where to watch

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