Pixel-photo of the French fighter pilot Guynemer is to color the passage of the Tour de France at Poelkapelle
04/07/2014 - Poelkapelle - Source: Kurt Vandewalle
For the passage of the Tour de France on Wednesday, July 9th 2014 the Guynemercomittee in Poelkapelle has created a giant pixel image in a meadow adjacent to the trail. The photo depicts the face of the French WWI aviator Georges Guynemer and is a tribute to this famous Ace who disappeared on September 11, 1917 after a dog fight in the skies above Poelkapelle. The artwork measures 16 by 25 meters and was constructed using 75 m of iron bars, 225 m of wooden slats, 2,250 wood screws, 8,000 m of rope and approximately 300 m² of white cloth. 200 technical plans made the realization possible. The image counts 40,000 pixels of 10 cm² and can be seen on the left side of the ‘Brugseweg’ road, 500 meters from the crossing with the ‘Zonnebekestraat’ road (Canadian Memorial/Brooding Soldier) in the direction of Poelkapelle

Coordinates :
  • N313, Brugseweg 129, 8920 Langemark-Poelkapelle, Belgium
  • latitude 50.903555°, longitude 2.941328° (= 50°54'13" north et 02°56'29" east)