Temporary exhibition: Reflection points - Zonnebeke - 24/04/2023
From 1 May 2023 until 19 November 2023

In 1917 hundreds of soldiers died in the grounds of Zonnebeke Chateau. Most were buried where they fell.

After the war, each body that was moved to a Commonwealth Cemetery had the coordinates recorded of the spot where it was exhumed. So we know that more than 170 Allied troops were found here, within the boundaries of the grounds. Unfortunately no details are known about the exhumation of the German war dead. Nevertheless, we suspect that hundreds of Germans died here too.

This exhibition allows you to get to know some of those who fought and died close to the museum. An online exhibition looks in more depth at events in the grounds of the chateau in 1917. When you reach the end of this exhibition, take a free walk brochure with you. It will lead you through the grounds past places where bodies were exhumed. They are marked by ‘reflection points’, which commemorate the tragedies that occurred there.

Visit the online expo here that takes a closer look at the events at the Zonnebeke castle grounds in 1917.

Click here for more information on the walk.

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