Commemorative column 10th (Irish) Division
Practical info
Island of Ireland Peace Park On the right side on the end of the entrance path, right column
Mesen, Mesen
GPS-Reference R5803 - MESEN - Iers Vredespark
DMSX N 50°45'34.0'' - E002°53'42.3''
DMX N 50°45.567' - E002°53.705'
D N 50.759446° - E002.895084°
UTM 31U E 492600 N 5623080
GOOGLE EARTH 50 45.567 N, 002 53.705 E
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Op een hardstenen balkvormige zuil met afgeschuinde bovenkant staat op de bovenkant "36th (Irish) Division" en op de voorkant "9,363 KILLED WOUNDED MISSING"
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