Canada Gate dedication ceremony and Sunset ceremony - Passendale - 09/11/2017
An art installation was unveiled, on November 9, 2017, as a companion piece to The Last Steps Memorial Arch in Halifax. The vision is to provide a meaningful “book end” to what the Army Museum Halifax Citadel successfully installed on the Halifax Waterfront on August 26, 2016. Created to complement the “arch,” The Canada Gate will establish another portal of remembrance, marking the sacred ground at Passchendaele, linking the last steps of Canadian soldiers who left Halifax with the last steps taken on that First World War battlefield. Both The Last Steps Memorial Arch and The Canada Gate have been created to symbolize the fact that so many thousands of lives were forever changed. The most critical commemorative components for both these projects are the burned impressions of the soldiers’ footsteps.


Opening remarks by the Master of Ceremonies, Lt-Col Carl Gauthier, Canadian Armed Forces

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Welcome remarks by Mr. Pierre Ruyfflaere, General Coordinator, The Great War Centenary

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Speech by Major Ken Hynes (retired), Director, The Canada Gate Project and the introduction of Mrs. Corinne MacLellan


Introduction of Mrs. Nancy Keating by Mrs. Corinne MacLellan, Co-Director of the Canada Gate Project


Speech by Mrs. Nancy Keating, Canada Gate Artist


Speech by Mrs. Sherry Romanando, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence


Ribbon cutting

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Mrs. Sherry Romanando, accompanied by Major General Turenne, received the General Salute and inspected the guard.





Speech by Mrs. Sherry Romanando



The Catafaque Party took position

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The Canadian Armed Force Contingent moved up into position

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Wreath laying by Mrs Sherry Romanando, Major General Carl Turenne and the Mayor of Zonnebeke


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The Canadian Armed Forces personnel performed a number of musical selections and special manoeuvres

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Feu de Joie




Lowering of the National Colours

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Presenting of the Flag to Mrs. Sherry Romanando

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National Anthems

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With the mounting of the vigil and marching off of the troops, the Sunset Cerelony was concluded

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