Menin Road South Military Cemetery
  • Het kruis bij de ingang van deze begraafplaats.
  • Een zicht op deze begraafplaats.
  • De begraafplaatsen worden op een schitterende wijze onderhouden door de mensen van de Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
  • Werken in uitvoering (foto mei 2001).
  • 27 special memorials
Practical info
Menin Road South Military Cemetery is located 2 kilometres east of Ieper town centre, on the Meenseweg (N8), connecting Ieper to Menen. From Ieper town centre the Meenseweg is located via Torhoutstraat and right onto Basculestraat. Basculestraat ends at a main crossroads, directly over which begins the Meenseweg. The Cemetery is located 800 metres along the Meenseweg on the right hand side of the road.
Ieper, Ieper
Ground - aerial
GPS-Reference R5607 - Menin Road South Military Cemetery
DMSX N 50°50'58.2'' - E002°54'16.4''
DMX N 50°50.970' - E002°54.273'
D N 50.849505° - E002.904557°
UTM 31U E 493281 N 5633093
GOOGLE EARTH 50 50.970 N, 002 54.273 E
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The Menin Road ran East and a little South from Ypres to a front line which varied but a few kilometres during the greater part of the war. The position of this cemetery was always within the Allied lines. It was first used in January, 1916, by the 8th South Staffords and the 9th East Surreys; it continued in use, by units and Field Ambulances, until the summer of 1918; and it was increased after the Armistice by the concentration of graves from Menin Road North Military Cemetery and from isolated positions on the battlefields to the East.

There are now 1657, 1914-18 Commonwealth war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, 119 are unidentified and memorials are erected to 20 soldiers from the United Kingdom and four from Australia, known or believed to be buried among them. In addition, special memorials have been erected to 52 soldiers from the United Kingdom and three from Newfoundland, who were buried in Menin Road North Military Cemetery, but whose graves (probably owing to shell fire) could not be found on concentration. The Royal Canadian Regiment and the Royal Highlanders of Canada set up wooden memorials in this cemetery to their dead in the Battle of Mount Sorrel, June, 1916. There is one unknown German Soldier buried in this cemetery.

The cemetery covers an area of 6,345 square metres and is enclosed by a rubble wall. MENIN ROAD NORTH MILITARY CEMETERY was on the North side of the road at almost the same point. It was used by the units and Field Ambulances of another Corps from May, 1915, to August, 1916, and again to a small extent in 1917 and 1918. It contained the graves of 130 soldiers from the United Kingdom, three from Canada, and three from Newfoundland.

Burials (Commonwealth War Graves Commission):
  • United Kingdom: 1122
  • Canada: 148
  • Australia: 267
  • New Zealand: 52
  • Other Commonwealth: 3
  • Entirely Unidentified: 65
  • Total Commonwealth: 1657
  • Other Nationalities: 1
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