Oak chair L/Cpl Archie Forrest
Practical info
Talbot House Gasthuistraat 43 B-8970 Poperinge Upper-Room
Poperinge, Poperinge
GPS-Reference R5868 - POPERINGE - Talbot House
DMSX N 50°51'21.6'' - E002°43'23.8''
DMX N 50°51.360' - E002°43.397'
D N 50.856000° - E002.723278°
UTM 31U E 480522 N 5633848
GOOGLE EARTH 50 51.360 N, 002 43.397 E
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In memory of Archie Forrest, a curious oak chair was given by his comrades. It served as a bishop's chair at confirmations. Moreovere, the back can swing forward to form a table in case of need. L/Cpl Archie Forrest, aged 20 years, was baptized, confirmed and made his first Communion in this chapel, all in six weeks before his death on 26 August 1917.