The Last Supper
Practical info
2nd floor Talbot House Gasthuistraat 43 B-8970 Poperinge
Poperinge, Poperinge
GPS-Reference R5868 - POPERINGE - Talbot House
DMSX N 50°51'21.6'' - E002°43'23.8''
DMX N 50°51.360' - E002°43.397'
D N 50.856000° - E002.723278°
UTM 31U E 480522 N 5633848
GOOGLE EARTH 50 51.360 N, 002 43.397 E
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The unfinished oak carving 'Last Supper' was purchased by Tubby Clayton on 16 June 1916. It came from Ypres and was to remain in the Chapel of Talbot House. However, it would never have a place there. Tubby was so anxious for its safety that he took it home three days later. Only in 1930 did the 'Last Supper' set off on its return journey, finding a permanent place on the renewed landing of the second floor. During WW II the carving was hidden in the safe of a bank in the Square.