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Title Town Suburb Detail
Chapel Langemark-Poelkapelle Bikschote
Memorial 3de linieregiment Langemark-Poelkapelle Bikschote
Memorial cross victims Bikschote Langemark-Poelkapelle Bikschote
Stained-glass windows Langemark-Poelkapelle Bikschote
Albertina memorial 'Eindoffensief Steenbeek 28 september 1918' Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Cement House Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Commemorative column 20th Light Division Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Commemorative column 34th Division Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Commemorative column and statue in remembrance of the victims of Langemark Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
German military cemetery Langemark Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Memorial French soldiers, Hugot Family Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Memorial plaque Hedd Wyn Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Memorial plaque in memory of the first gas-attacks and the French 87e D.I.T. Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Memorial stone André Malliavin and Emilien Girault (2e Chasseurs d'Afrique) Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Memorial stone Harry Patch Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Monument Private Frederik Dancox Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Ruisseau Farm Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Stained-glass window Langemark-Poelkapelle Langemark
Commemorative column victims Poelkapelle Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
DOVO Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Flag Veterans Poelkapelle Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Guynemer Pavilion Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Memorial adjudant Charles Dresse Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Memorial plaque Royal Naval Division Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Memorial plaque victims Poelkapelle Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Poelcapelle British Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Statue in remembrance of the French airman Georges Guynemer Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Tank Memorial for the Ypres Salient Langemark-Poelkapelle Poelkapelle
Bridge House Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Canadian memorial Vancouver Corner Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Commemorative column victims Sint-Juliaan Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Dochy Farm New British Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial 48th Highlanders of Canada - 's Graventafelridge Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial Ivor Gurney Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial Kitchener's Wood Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial plaque 48th Highlanders of Canada - Sint-Juliaan Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial stone Lt. H.A. Birell Anthony and 1st Battalion of the Monmouthshire Regiment Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorial stone Stephen Henshaw Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Memorialplaque Edward Donald Bellew VC Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Museum Pond Farm Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Oak of peace Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
Seaforth Cemetery, Cheddar Villa Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
St.-Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Sint-Juliaan
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