Pax Gate
Practical info
Kaaskerke, Diksmuide
GPS-Reference R6007 - KAASKERKE - Paxpoort
DMSX N 51°01'52.7'' - E002°51'12.7''
DMX N 51°01.879' - E002°51.212'
D N 51.031310° - E002.853532°
UTM 31U E 489729 N 5653316
GOOGLE EARTH 51 01.879 N, 002 51.212 E
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Using the debris of the dynamited Tower, this Gate of Peace was built in 1950. The iron wreaths near the entrance remember the Flemish soldiers who were punished and sent to the camps of Orne, Auvours, (in France) … because of their conviction. On the four corners of the Pax Gate stand the statues by Karel Aubroeck which were meant for the first tower. They depict the fallen front soldiers Renaat De Rudder, Joe English, Edward and Frans Van Raemdonck, Lode De Boninge and Frans Van der Linden.
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