White cross on top of the crypt of the first IJzer Tower
Practical info
Crypt of the first IJzer Tower - IJzerdijk
Kaaskerke, Diksmuide
GPS-Reference R5998 - KAASKERKE - Crypte eerste IJzertoren
DMSX N 51°01'53.0'' - E002°51'10.3''
DMX N 51°01.884' - E002°51.171'
D N 51.031396° - E002.852850°
UTM 31U E 489681 N 5653326
GOOGLE EARTH 51 01.884 N, 002 51.171 E
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The text of the huge white cross on top of the crypt “Hier liggen hun lijken als zaden in ‘t zand, hoop op de oogst o Vlaanderland” (Here lie their bodies like seeds in the sand, hoping for a harvest, o Flanders) is also written by this poet and curate from Alveringem.
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